Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

Our No-dig Technology allows us to insert a drain liner to internally repair your drain which is a more cost effective alternate to excavating and causes no disruption to the ground.

Our polyester drain lining system is good for lining between man holes and long lengths to restore structural integrity to the drain to keep out root intrusion, strengthen fractures and smooth out joint displacements and being one section there no joins and completely smooth to allow free flow from within.

Our silicate patch resin liners are ideal for making small internal repairs anywhere within your drainage system without the need to having to line the whole section of pipe to make a single isolated repair. Our silicate patch seal bonds to the pipe wall and therefore making a 100% water tight seal. This system is ideal for bridging fractures, joint displacements, root intrusion and water penetration.

Sometimes the damage to your drains can be beyond our No-dig Technology and requires excavating to repair. This could be down to water seepage in through an open or joint displacement or even through a fracture which has caused the pipe to become under mined and caused a collapsed or been left with belly in the pipe. Whatever repair is required you can be rest assured that we have means and knowledge to get you up and running in no time.

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