CCTV Surveys

No one knows what problems lurking underground within their drainage system. Overtime drains can become damaged from ground movement, pressure on the pipe and even tree roots. Affordable Drains can carry out a CCTV inspection to help uncover any problems.

We use CCTV equipment to carry out internal inspections of all accessible pipework enabling us to check the condition and faults that can cause blockages and damage to property. Including cracked and fractured pipes, displaced joints, tree root intrusion and scale build up. This will also give us the information to enable the best type of repaired required.

Pre-Purchase CCTV surveys
We carry out pre-purchase CCTV surveys for domestic and commercial properties. We provide a full survey of all below ground drainage system with a full written report and photographic evidence of any faults. We will also provide a quotation for any remedial works that are required to restore structural integrity and ensure free flow has been restored.

We also carry out CCTV surveys for:
– Build over agreements
– Track and Tracing
– Blockage clearance
– General inspection

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